We bought this thing to replace our GD Impreza wagon family hauler, and regretted it immediately.  The car is not as big, as good at sipping fuel or as forgiving for my wife in the winter as the Impreza was… but six months later it may be our favourite car ever.

The car makes beautiful sounds, feels solid and comfortable, and is not a tremendous source of embarrassment in our up scale neighbourhood.  On my end, it’s a fun tossable car that is plenty nice in traffic.  The NA 2JZGE, though not fast, may be the best thing I’ve ever had under the hood of a car.  The car is almost completely stock, but well loved.  I hope we never find a reason to get rid of it.

Specifications of the Machine


  • TRD dampers
  • RSR Springs


  • ノーマル


  • ノーマル


  • スピンターンノーブWTF!


  • TRD Front lip


  • ノーマル


  • Child car seats x2


  • Sparco Terra 16 7J +41
  • Racing Hart Superlative Dish 17 8J 35


Control capacity. I think a lot of people really don’t get it, but raw speed does not interest me much at all. Formula 1? I’m more interested in vintage touring cars. Downforce equipped super car on R comps? Nah I’d rather a 150hp lightweight on skinny street tires. 4WD 3 LSD rally car light on ice? A RWD boat seems […]

Control Capacity

Yay for a short break from wheels. Winter has come and I finally got a chance to try the IS300 out on the ice. My expectations for the car were not high. It is a great daily driver, and from what I have experienced on the street, very well balanced and behaved. However, on glare ice with Subaru’s breathing down […]

Driving Rear Wheels Only

You know the car is only so interesting to drive, when I’d rather play with the camera. This is my Canon sitting on a bench with exposure time set to 8.0 seconds, me pushing the button then walking into the frame. Looks like photoshop but feels like magic. That said, for the sake of trying to get my wife interested […]

Under Cover of Darkness

I’m occasionally rolling around in this thing these days. When our family hauler GD Impreza bit the dust, it was something I stumbled upon for a good price, and despite understanding that it wasn’t quite the practical family vehicle that our Impreza had been, I assumed I could convince my wife to like the Lexus name, and the low number […]

Other Vehicles


I don’t know that I actually love my truck. I’ve used it everyday for almost two years now, and have had no real complaints…. But it would be kind of nice if I was able to sell it. It doesn’t really fit in my shop. My wife refuses to drive it. It’s expensive as hell on gas, and the rate […]

Love and Life


Well… there is a whole swarm of people buying IS300’s, and now I’m in the party. Shame that some of the guys who started the party have moved on. I wanted one of these when they came out in 2001, I considered buying one when I bought my WRX… and now, it seems like a fun way to upgrade the […]

Now In The GaraGe…

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5 thoughts on “Now In The GaraGe…

  • Q

    oh man. If I start looking on yahoo there will be no dollars for swimming lessons and gymnastics. Thankfully the clutch-less transmission dampens my enthusiasm sufficiently.

    The idea of a 2JZGTE under the hood however…

  • randedge

    How much harder is it to locate the station wagon or sportback, or whatever it is they call it? I’d totes mcgoats rock that, even if it only came auto.

  • Q

    I don’t really know, I wasn’t actually actively looking. Just curiously searched, and discovered one car with half the mileage as all the others, with no mods, and listed only 20minutes earlier for $1000 less than any other one for sale.

    It was a quick purchase that is somewhat regrettable as a family car. An IS300 Sportcross however…

    As a project for myself… it’s pretty interesting though. Too bad for the ZN6 in my garage.