Big. Damn big actually…and heavy. This car is the biggest, heaviest ‘sports car’ I’ve ever owned. I’ve been getting bored of cars too easily. This time I needed a change in cars instead of a change of cars. So gave up the +/-100hp and +/-2000lbs cars for a land yacht. My record for keeping a car is two years, my shortest is 2 months. We’ll see if this can hold my interest any longer…I think it will have to as I doubt I could sell it very easily.

At over 3100lbs and over 200hp, the car is definitely different. The motor is a 1G-GTE and was never available in North America…or maybe any other country outside of Japan. Two Liters, six inline cylinders, two parallel turbos and a bore and stroke of 75/75. Who thinks of a motor like this? The car is the Japanese Domestic Market predecessor of the Lexus SC300/400 and like those, shares it’s chassis and suspension with the Supra of the same generation. GA70/MA70 Supra in this case. The body design screams 80’s Toyota (which I love) with it’s wedge shape and triangular side skirts ala AW11, AE92.

There’s lots to be done to make it an exciting car to pilot and I currently have plans to do them. But if history prevails, check back in a while and it will be for sale ;^) Any offers? -R

Note: This was the era of high turn-over… and in this case, Ryan was spurred to continue that trend by the various fears and annoyance of JDM car ownership: glass, constant attention (is that a Skyline!?!?!!), no local parts support… and so on. Ryan traded this thing for 2.5 AE86’s… cars and parts which are also long gone from our garage, and weren’t even notable enough to mention on this website.

Specifications of the Machine


  • JIC SF-1 Coilovers
  • 12kg/9kg


  • JZA70 Turbo LSD (3.9)


  • Wedsport Farmas
  • Federal SS595 215/40
  • BRS Poison
  • Wedsport RS-5


  • 5Zigen Fireball Dynamite Border
  • 3″ piping


  • Wheel: Luigino 12.5″ wood
  • Blaze Knob
  • FET Turbo Timer
  • Autometer Boost Guage

Soarer is now gone. I had an good offer over a month ago that eventually fell through. That had got me weighing the pros and cons of keeping the car and I had come to the decision that selling made the most sense at this time. I officially put the car for sale and it’s gone to another Toyota nut […]

GZ20 – Sold

Picked up a JZA Torsen diff for the GZ out of desperation after discovering the OEM Clutch LSD was useless. Not ideal for drifting but can’t be any worse then open. One day I’ll cave and pick up a Kaaz unit but Vegas vacation says it’s won’t be this month. Third time with the rear end in an out, barely […]


Ready to RollRyan and I hosted a private drift session today at a potential venue for future drifting events. Eight of us arrived and ran, to show the Westerner Grounds in Red Deer a little bit of drifting. Circumstances limited us to a quarter section of the enormous lot the CSCC uses to hold their auto-x but we still managed a couple simple 2nd gear courses. I hope everyone had fun, and learned a lot! I am certainly hoping for the opportunity to do it again. [...]

Private Drift Practice

Time flies… has it really been a week since I last wrote? The CSCC opening auto-x event is tomorrow in Red Deer. Ryan and I spent a couple hours this week working on the GZ20, specifically the alignment. The car had been set up, by the shop that did the OPI initially, do factory specs. This meant about 0.5 degree […]

GZ20 Alignment

LSD went in this weekend. Second time in and out, we’re getting faster at it. Counting turns, looks like we went from a 4.11 ratio to about a 3.9. Small change but noticable on the street where the first two gears don’t feel as useless as before. Donor was an 88 MA70 Turbo Supra and unit looked to be in […]


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