Boro beater truck. It needed some love. Like many others cars I’ve chosen to buy, this one seems to have lacked a caring owner. There were a lot of little things wrong with it, but it was however, the base for the little red truck I always imagined I’d own. I just… don’t think it will ever look like what I imagined though… at least… not without years of work. Work truck. Practical truck. DD truck. Not a nice truck.

Selling it is something I regret now. I used the money to finance my AE86… but… as much as I love my AE86, I probably miss this truck as much as I missed my AE86.

Specifications Of The Machine


  • Extra Leaf and wound up T-bars


  • Boost Up (10psi)
  • 2.5″ exhaust


  • 31″ BFG Muds


  • Nardi Suede
  • KP61 Shiftknob


Not that I’m a photographer of any kind.  You may have noticed it also appears randomly as the banner image.  It’s summer and we need another vehicle as the wife goes back to work.  I’m shopping… and would love another RN66.  This helps me stay motivated to be patient… and not buy a Ford Taurus.  Although a marroon kouki first gen Taurus is […]

The Best Picture I’ve Ever Taken

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