October 30th, 2014

EneosOilOne oil change done on the FRS… and I’ll say that doing the work there was even more satisfying and enjoyable than driving the car. Imagine looking underneath a car and finding everything… everything… perfect and clean. No nasty undercoating, no rounded off bolt heads from some dufus making do with his imperial wrenches, no leaky power steering… and not even a spec of rust!

Driving this car in the winter is going to be tough…

I went with Eneos oil and a Pure One filter… because it’s good stuff. Some suggest the black JDM Subaru oil filters (i.e. what came on the car but isn’t available at the dealerships here) is the best filter money can buy. The Purolator filter though has some of the best, if not the best filtration characteristics of any filter I’ve seen tested, plus it’s available at my local family owned auto parts store for a price that isn’t unreasonable… and it’s yellow…

Eneos synthetic is as expensive as anything else in Canada ($65/3.7L), and it’s not even their best product. Eneos Sustina is what all the oil geeks really want, but I have to special order it here, at a cost that is almost double the Eneos synthetic that sits on the shelf at Napa. It is super awesome Japanese racer liquid though, and I like that… even if it clashes with my bland ass american filter.

What I’ll probably do though is switch to an oil that’s a bit cheaper and change it all every 3000km or even less if I’m bagging the car at the track or on the lake. That’s what I’ve always done… and no issues so far…

H.I.S.H.E…. ZN6

October 11th, 2014

pizza-cuttersYou know you want some pizza.

Not A Pre-Requisite For Drifting

October 7th, 2014

More than one of you asked… “why do you think you can’t heal and toe?” Heal and toe is hard, and it takes a lot more than just stabbing the gas pedal while braking as this vid shows.

This clip from AE86 Club Vol 8 has obviously had an impact on me, as it came to mind immediately when thinking about heal and toe. Skip to 46:33 if you don’t want to click the link… or just watch the whole episode because it’s pretty rad anyways (particularly Takahashi’s 131PS dirty red rocketship).

I know all of you who have been here for a decade understand Japanese by now, but if you are new here the summary is: Imamura and Kamimoto are budding drifters (they would later turn pro) who take a stab at impressing the Hot Version crew with a high speed time attack. Imamura fails horrifically based on his inability to downshift.

Driving Date

October 2nd, 2014

montanaWife and I took the weekend to smash Montana backroads and antique shops. I’ve never wanted to do that in any other car that I’ve owned. Smash the backroads? Yes I’ve wanted to do that before. But I’ve never had a car that I could cruise Cowboy Trail at a mundane 115km/h in before, or one that would even allow the wife and I to have a comfortable conversation in. It’s also nice not to feel like a punk when the valet takes your keys, and for once older ladies compliment me on my ride rather than shake their heads in disgust. “What a fun looking little car!”

Yes the best thing about my car might be that it is in it’s entirety exactly how Scion… agh err… Toyota… agh err…. Subaru produced it. That, and how quickly the boot fills up with vintage china, vases and weird pearly bowls full of sea shells.

The worst thing about my car is likely how it feels broken when I go WOT at 2500rpm. You know I used to believe that my auto philosophy allowed for very low horsepower, but maybe it’s been way too long since I drove a stock AE86 or other terribly slow car. I seem to remember a 4AG at least making some urgent noises that created anticipation for a sense of acceleration… When you drop the hammer on an FA20 at low RPM it protests and complains. I swear I hear that throttle body open and air come backwards out of it.

I’ve always sucked at heal-and-toe and working a gear box though, so the positive is that now I’m getting much much better… plus the gearbox and pedals are pretty pleasant to touch.

Next year, the new worst thing about my car will likely be the ricey ass wheels that I have on it. It seems like I’m going to have to work really hard to find something that meets my new tastes (or lack there off). Maybe what I need to do is get out the cutting wheel and hack off the 20 polished spokes on each of my wheels. Seems like a good way to save weight and rid my car of it’s split personality shoes.


September 29th, 2014

ruckus2Originally built to be a pit vehicle, Ryan is now taking his Ruckus to work. Pretty styling… you wouldn’t think the same guy could be shopping Corvette’s… but supposedly he is.


September 25th, 2014

onthehighwayThe car is far from perfect, but damn do I love it. I drove it to Ft. MacLeod on the weekend… and then auto-xed Ryan’s SW11. 300+ hp and big stickier tires is a whole other experience, but I was wishing I’d managed to finish the break in on my car, and purchased some 200AA rubber.


September 16th, 2014