FA20 Is Doomed

February 1st, 2015

JUN-Synergy-BRZ-V8-07When famed engine tuner Jun is swapping out FA20’s rather than building them up, it seems like the future is bleak for FA20 owners.

That said… I did add this photo to my background image roll. Certainly looks drool worthy… but when projecting 58.XXX Tsukuba times, I wonder if Jun is confusing RPM and number of throttle bodies with actual output… nevermind the relatively mild aero this car is equipped with. I will be impressed.

But… rather than carefully watching for the moment this car puts together an angry lap, I will remain hopeful that someone will figure out how to get 300hp out of an FA20 without boost. Let’s do it Japan! K20 gets to that mark. EJ25 gets to that mark… hell even B16’s and 4AG’s are putting out bigger numbers than FA20’s.

And stock FT86 weight distribution is 56/44? That certainly is not what is advertised, and more like what my WRX was… Seems like someone is fudging numbers to sell pretty things.

Read the full Speedhunters article here.


January 31st, 2015

tomei60SHeh you can only do so much in Street class… and I always wanted Tomei parts for my AE86’s. If all I can do is a cat back exhaust and a sway bar, then I might as well do those things right.

In titanium, this Tomei system is rumoured to save 35lbs over the stock system, and given that I must retain the catalytic converters, and I can’t change anything else about the engine, I expect that weight savings will be about the only performance advantage an exhaust system can offer.

The noise it could make, is a real concern. This is the 60S system which includes a muffler. The 60R system is available for those who want to destroy the local motorsports community. We’ll have to wait a few months to see how much blat it actually makes… I’ve also ordered a tubular sway bar, and some 6.5kg wheels but the boat appears to have stopped off in Hawaii for a long Christmas break. No way I’m putting this ricy blue thing on my car without a few other items to distract your eyes away from it.

Hacking Methods 47

January 29th, 2015

2GR HeaderI’m working on these 2GRFE headers for a friend. Some long equal length 700mm stepped primaries have been spec’ed, and given limited space there are a number of bends.

When it came to checking my work, I was having a hard time measuring lengths. Using a tape measure gave a different result every time as I looked for a happy medium between measuring inside radius and outside radius. I then raided the kids toy box for some gigantic 1″ diameter foam pipe cleaners, cutting them to the right length and then threading them (with some difficulty) through the tubes. That method as well proved inconsistent, as the pipe cleaners found different routes through the much larger 2.125″ primaries.

In the end, I picked up a $6 bag of play sand from Home Depot, filled an appropriate length of straight tubing with the sand, taped one end of my primaries up, and dumped the sand out of the straight tubing into my primary. Then I marked the level of the sand in that primary and cut accordingly. Of course, it’s not that simple as the primaries still all need to meet in the same place to be collected into the secondary… but for better or worse, at least I actually have a good understanding of what I’ve done.

Super Pump Up

January 19th, 2015

Who else really wants to go to work tomorrow?

86 Stock

January 14th, 2015

A stock AE86 is a car with an aftermarket LSD, coilovers, RCA’s, exhaust and intake, seats, steering wheel and baseball bat fenders. No one… I mean NO ONE wants to drive an AE86 that is truly stock, and NO ONE since 1997 has ever owned an AE86 that was truly unmodified.

I thought ZN6/ZC6/FT86 would be slightly different, and it probably is… but winter restlessness is freaking killing me. I’m to the shopping phase: catback exhaust, coilovers, 9J wheels, TRD louvers, all that cool bolt on shit that people were excited about when this car came out two years ago.

Now…. in 2015… there is a new car revolution in progress, and for better or worse the FT86 has fallen OTB. Every new car has a flat plane V8 or two turbos and three electric motors. All of a sudden the FT86 looks like an honest hachiroku with 90hp and a solid rear axle.

Luckily I’m used to being in this position.


December 18th, 2014

united!?!?! Brothers again? JINX!


December 16th, 2014

Oh… so that’s what 2 1/8″ primaries look like…