December 18th, 2014

united!?!?! Brothers again? JINX!


December 16th, 2014

Oh… so that’s what 2 1/8″ primaries look like…

Tools For Job

December 11th, 2014

dimplediesFour years ago I made THIS dimple die out of steel plate and a big ass bolt and nut. It worked… but not well. Fourteen gauge sheet was enough to seriously mangle an M14 bolt… but I used it all over my AE86 and felt pretty good about it.

Now, my tool collection is growing rapidly and I’ve retired my home brew dimple dies in favour of the TMR pieces pictured above. They are not cheap, but somehow for the first time, I’d way rather give up a few bucks than fight with stuff that barely works. The more tools I buy, the better I feel about wrenching. The better I feel about wrenching, the more tools I want to buy…

Next on my list is a milling machine. :|

My Ah Ha Moment

December 8th, 2014

All I wanted to do was put a 2GR in the back of my Delorean!I just realized that all Doc. Brown wanted to do was stuff a big engine with gigantic long tube equal length headers in the back of his Delorean… but he gave up and built a time machine instead.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

December 1st, 2014

carrollsmithI did some cleaning over the weekend, and ran across a couple boxes of high school books etc. These were mixed in, and I had totally forgotten ever owning them. In fact, in response to some questions I had about fasteners, Carroll Smith’s books had been popping up both in Google and in conversation, so I had put them on my Christmas list. Despite being almost as old as I am, they are still apparently quite relevant.

Happy with my discovery, I put the kids to bed, mixed myself a tall glass of yellow and blue and sat down for some throwback reading.

inthegarbageIt was all for not though. Less than one paragraph in, I re-discovered why they had been banished to that old cardboard box for the last two decades.

The plus side is… that they are just a little bit thicker than the old issues of DoriTen that I had stuffed underneath my freezer in an effort to level it.

Mother Nature is Boss

November 27th, 2014

WoodAll the technology of the US military… and good old fashioned wood comes out on top. WTF eh?

The last splitter I constructed laid fiberglass over a balsa wood core. It was supposed to be far superior to the solid birch splitters I had used in the past. The FRP/Balsa splitter cost me about $200 and 8 hours of time to make… and came out a couple pounds heavier, and no stiffer than pure wood as far as I could tell. Maybe it would have held to up hard hits better… or maybe it would have blown up even more catastrophically. Either way it was a total failure.

As far as cost, weight, stiffness, availability and ease of fabrication there is nothing better, but everyone I know turns their nose up at the thought of wood on the front of a car… and that’s why I’m still playing with other stuff.

SOURCE: http://tegris.milliken.com

Still Trucking

November 10th, 2014

pwagonYou forgot this thing was here, and I’m embarrassed to say that I’m quite smitten with it. It has certainly been a Dodge… meaning little annoying things break all the time, and it constantly threatens to blow up it’s transmission, but it is cheap, gets beat on and is incredibly practical.

It’s also hilarious on snowy roads. Holding massive angle is super easy, but if you do get in trouble, it’s easy to just reach down and slam it into 4WD to pull out Subaru style. And if that fails…
specialswitchI actually just played with the full lock for the first time yesterday… feels like invincibility if all you need to do is crawl out of the ditch.

generalgrabberat2For tires I am running General Grabber AT2’s. All Terrain tires are not winter tires, but these one do happen to have snowflakes on the sidewalls. With studs fitted, I do appear to have more grip than most other things on the road… maybe it’s just my incredible driving skills, or maybe the few sipes that the tires have actually do help. It’s certainly not my WRX, though it will get the job done. And as much as I was a terror in the Subaru, I’ll just be tip toeing around in the truck. It does weigh almost 7000lbs!!