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...busy. Ryan and I took a few moments recently to re-count some of our car life history.  The objective was to tabulate the number of cars he had owned and in what order.  Figuring it all out, took looking back through the archives of this website, including the final pre-wordpress version which I have stuck on the shelf at  For […]

So Dead In Here But…

gt86-cs-cup 3
I’ve been working my ass off, and often finding myself in crowds that don’t give my lowly 200hp ZN6 any respect at all. It has been a bit of a downer. The end result is often that I find myself awake late at night with a bottle of blue, browsing for a Corvette, or a Porsche… or anything else that […]

A Works “Race” Car

namelessplate-1 2
Not only have I thrown non-OEM parts on the car now… they aren’t even Japanese. My stamped steel OEM cam plate has been a real PITA to seal, often acting just fine every day on the street, but dripping constantly when flogged at the track. There is a good variety of aftermarket plates available, but I went with a Nameless […]

Not How It Was Meant To Be

Rain Event #1
The first solo of the season was today… and it was soaking wet.  With a full year of events behind me in this car, I was a bit surprised to realize at the days beginning, that it was going to be my first opportunity to really flog the car in wet conditions. I have always loved driving in the rain… but […]

2016 SASC #1 – Rain

Flashback - 2009 3
Flashback – 2009.  Remember when I formed sheet metal to brace and stitch welded a whole car? What was I thinking? In regards to writing, I’ve thought for a while, that creative power and motivation is something that only dwindles with age.  I’ve now decided that this also applies to anything creative or expressive.  Commitments of age and maturity are a […]

When Modifications Were Fun

First Drive 2016 2
The Lexus gets a flat tire, and I have no choice but to “unleash the beast” and load the trunk up with punctured Pirelli’s.  Car is tame… more so than the IS300… but the sight of it is enough to turn me on.  The smell too.  Yah my ZN6 with less than 10k km on it has another major oil leak. […]

Rip, Torn.

2017 Toyota 86 Side 3
I’ve been dreading this day for a year and a half now.  What would the next FR-S look like? Would it have boost or more displacement? Would it have lightweight body panels? Would it have a look I love? Would it cost me a lot of money just because it was something I would have to have? At this point… […]

Zenkei Is Best?

ZN6 - Resting 2
Too many friends have keys to the shop? This was a funny surprise, as I have actually been toying with bringing the car out again. Winter has been short, but challenging. Paying monthly on a car that sits is not a new thing, but it isn’t particularly comfortable when no money is coming in. With spring comes employment opportunity. There […]

Spring Sprung

No not the car. The website. It’s been almost 18 years. This website has been a part of me for… half my life. Gnarly. There is A LOT of history here. I can’t imagine ever giving it up, and I love it very much as is… at least in look and feel. On the back end however, it has become […]

Going Under The Knife

JCE10 on ice 2
Control capacity. I think a lot of people really don’t get it, but raw speed does not interest me much at all. Formula 1? I’m more interested in vintage touring cars. Downforce equipped super car on R comps? Nah I’d rather a 150hp lightweight on skinny street tires. 4WD 3 LSD rally car light on ice? A RWD boat seems […]

Control Capacity