Now one year since we bought our big Toyota tree, you haven’t heard much about it at all.  I’ve struggled greatly to generate any emotional attachment to our Sequoia, but it has been a terrific workhorse. In a year of ownership, I’ve put on around 10,000 km.  The truck is on its third pan full of oil, and second serpentine […]

Ultimate Utility

IMO the SCCA’s dealing with the FRS/BRZ twins in street class has been a bit of a cluster fuck.  Optional TRD suspension packages that were supposedly port installed (although no one ever saw a case when they weren’t dealer installed) really messed up the perceived balance between the twins and created a lot of controversy.  The optional parts almost certainly […]

More Changes…

You’ve noticed – I’ve been getting pretty bored of solo.  With no co-drivers and mediocre results my interest has been fading fast.  The past four years with the FRS, has been the longest period I have ever spent with one vehicle… So this weekend I was pretty happy for something new… in fact two somethings new. Ryan (the R part) […]

oh yah AutoX can be fun….

One of my quiet and distant auto senpai once told me that modding cars was a game for children.   Being a child at the time, I took this as old man talk.  His logic was the following… How can the engineering resources of even the greatest tuning company possibly compete with those of a multi-billion dollar company like Porsche? […]

Car Life Flavour Turned Vanilla

When Zoolander came out in 2001, one of the core jokes in the film was the big-time designer putting together a fashion line called “Derelicte” based on the rags and garbage worn by street urchins in The Big City. It seemed obviously absurd, and we laughed. In 2012 Macklemore released his song Thrift Shop and we agreed that paying $50 […]

Hipsterism & Embracing Delapidation

This website becomes less and less relevant to me but I think it’s worthwhile making some notes on the car and set up after a relatively unsuccessful two-day event this past weekend.  The annual WCMA regional solo event visited our lot at the Calgary Airport.  With between seventy and eighty drivers, I finished up 12th overall (?!? combined results don’t […]

Finally A Solo Event