The holidays have come and past… and while things have been near silent here and on Kyusha Shoes… much is happening. Stacks of wheels and boxes line the wall of [qr]GaraGe… I am indeed making great plans for the SCCA’s new Spec Solo Coupe class. There is excitement… and the potential of putting an honest professional wheel to wheel guy […]

Things Going On


Happy new life! Things changed bigtime back in the summer, but nothing has changed about my reluctance to document it all. The Annexe has effectively trebled its floor space, and that much again has been added in overhead storage. Somehow this has not resulted in a lot of empty space. It seems that whatever space we have we will fill. […]

Happy New Year

Gran Turismo Sport came out last month, and while I haven’t seriously played a video game in nearly five years, it looked far too good to pass up. It’s not without its downfalls, but in my mind, the complaints about the game that I have heard from others, are not the real issues. Yes there are WAY fewer cars available […]

Still A Kid I Guess


In the last five years, Subaru, and certainly Toyota have done lots with the FT86 platform. We’ve seen minor iterations from the production car, and a few interesting special edition models. On the motorsports front, both STI and Gazoo have put out some great looking and functional competition machines. In terms of concept cars, we’ve seen convertibles, and sedans, and […]

Newest Dream Car?

Now one year since we bought our big Toyota tree, you haven’t heard much about it at all. I’ve struggled greatly to generate any emotional attachment to our Sequoia, but it has been a terrific workhorse. In a year of ownership, I’ve put on around 10,000 km. The truck is on its third pan full of oil, and second serpentine […]

Ultimate Utility

IMO the SCCA’s dealing with the FRS/BRZ twins in street class has been a bit of a cluster fuck. Optional TRD suspension packages that were supposedly port installed (although no one ever saw a case when they weren’t dealer installed) really messed up the perceived balance between the twins and created a lot of controversy. The optional parts almost certainly […]

More Changes…