The Future Is Sweden

April 22nd, 2014

I may not like their style and aesthetic, but Koenigsegg is doing so much else right, that it’s really hard for me to say they are not my favourite car manufacturer.

Because Zombie Apocalypse

April 18th, 2014

yousotruckTrucks in general are boring. They all look the same. They all have basically the same engines, the same options, and they are all everywhere. I needed a truck though… so here I am.

Mine at least, has a bling bling grill. It’s a great deterrent for all those yuppie jerks driving 3 series BMW’s or AMG Mercedes, who would otherwise cut me off and slam on their brakes. That ghetto shine however, forces them to consider that I might be another coked up rig pig with a suspended licence and expired insurance. It grants me a nice safety cushion… unless there are other rig trucks in the vicinity. The real coked up rig pigs seem to want to run me off the road… or maybe they’re just trying to check if their tires and lifts are bigger than mine…

power_wagonIn that regard at least, my truck is all stock. Still pretty huge, but stock. A month ago I didn’t know what a Power Wagon was, but I did know and want a Ford Raptor. I bought a truck to make money, not made money to buy a truck though… the Raptor is too expensive. The Power Wagon, seemed like a more affordable truck with comparable intentions.

  • The stock tires are 33″ diameter.
  • The truck sits 2″ (really that’s only 2″1?!?!) higher on some long travel Bilsteins.
  • All three differentials are lockable, but the back features a torsen type differential for some extra help all the time.
  • There is a 12000lb winch featuring the Warn and Dodge name behind the front bumper.
  • The massive front sway bar features an in cabin electronic disconnect
  • Skid bars and skid plates everywhere
  • Unique wheels that offer stronger bead seating at low pressures (heh!?)
  • Extra HD alternator and battery

Even if the zombie apocalypse never comes, all those extra features at least make me feel something for my truck.  One week in, I do like it.  The WRX hasn’t moved.  I do wish it was a little lower… almost more than I DON’T WANT TO MODIFY IT AT ALL!  Except for the grill of course…

I hope you never see it here again… except maybe tugging an 800kg race car to and from BMR.

Uncut Version

April 11th, 2014

I admit I was looking for Hachiroku pump up. An abbreviated version of this vid is always the opening scene of my porn roll, but somehow I’d never seen this version which includes a car walk through and a talk from the crying guy himself. NOTE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC! ha.

You might look at the car and think POS… but damn that desaturated and faded look turns me on. The footwork at the end is why I always come back to this vid. And it’s a good reminder that drifting isn’t what it used to be…

Changes With The Season

April 5th, 2014

gda-bluebridgeSurprise. Winter is over (or nearly at the least) and I’m shopping for other cars. It looks like I might actually have time to auto-x this season, but the GDA doesn’t excite me there. So what? There’s a lot of stuff that interests me: ZN6, AP1, AE86, AW11… but oddly, I probably think about an EK Civic the most.

You are so disappointed…

Hacking Methods – 46

April 1st, 2014

JB Weld Fuel Vapor Sensor
Subaru intake manifolds, crossover vacuum lines, and Canadian heat cycling means that working on my engine requires a very careful touch. Meet my fuel vapour sensor, who had an arm amputated by my fat left hand.

At 11pm, with a running car required the next morning, cursing was heard. Plugging vacuum lines and trying to fool the ECU didn’t provide the result I wanted, so I let my hacking reach a new level. I find it odd that in twenty plus years of wrenching, I’ve never done this before, or even thought of doing this before. My first reaction is to buy a new part… and I hope it remains that way. I’m supposed to grow out of these methods, not fall deeper into them.

JB Weld to the rescue this time though…

If I Was Hulk Hogan

March 28th, 2014

Hulk-Hogan-AE86You could be damn sure I’d have an AE86 that looks like this… and a Barbie doll in the trunk.

Kill You!
Hi-jacked from Speedhunters (duh) – check out the full post here.

3 The Hard Way

March 24th, 2014

3thwwrxWith one more year on the lake expired, I have reflected and decided that my driving has come a long long way, but it hasn’t all been pleasant and easy. I’ve embarrassed myself more than my share, which is part of learning of course… but all dedicated drivers are egomaniacs that don’t take to a solid humbling very well.

Lesson 1: Chill.
If the car isn’t doing what you want it to do. Don’t punish it by trying harder Give it some gentle loving. Ease off. Take your hands out of her pants and start massaging her back instead. You might think you’re ready to throw her on her back, but she’s going to knee you in the crotch and call the cops if you go any further.

Lesson 2: Chill The F* Out.
Yah there is this dude in your passenger seat who will give you umbrella girls if your maximum attack impresses, but what he’s really looking for is a good laugh when you push three inches wide, catch a huge bump in transition, try and save yourself with throttle and pile head on into a snow bank removing every urethane body panel from your car all at once,causing your drift wood to spontaneously combust before being extinguished by a mixture of snow, coolant and washer fluid, while creating an odour that suggests you also emptied your bowels. Longest sentence ever… but what follows will be an even longer night of tossing and turning. You swear that the same thing will never happen to you again… except it does… and the next time you’re driving one of his cars, not yours.

Lesson 3: You Stone Cold Beatnik Bad Ass.
This is where you win without even trying… to win. With ice in your veins, every input is deliberate, direct, minimalized. Your cold hard stare fixates exactly where you are going, and to the inch you get there. Every effort is calm and restrained. The beast inside you is in iron bars, his imagination of what is possible is focused only specific moments and not the entire drive. With him buried deep, every input input feels natural, every corner and induction of angle comes easy…

And you’ve been such a hoon until now that everyone assumes you win with hot-blooded effort. They ramp up their own with a driving fever they think will match yours, and instead spell their own demise. You rip off your review mirror. Your not an egomaniac driver anymore. There will never be need to look behind again.